5 Tips for starting your own blog

5 Tips for starting your own blog

Someone once told me if you ever hear anybody talk about things they wish they had known before starting something, you should listen. So here is my list of things I wish someone had told me that will help you with starting your own blog.

I think that I was quite fortunate before starting my blog, as a company I used to work for sent me on a word press course in order for me to be able to update our website as and when we needed. Which gave me a head start creating my own blog, now I have finally finished creating my site I thought the best thing I could do is write a post with my tips for starting your own blog. By no means am I claiming to be any kind of expert but I know that these tips will help some of you out there! So here’s my top 5:

1. Watch Youtube videos

Although I did receive some training on word press I needed a little refresh so I watched some Youtube videos. There are so many easy videos out there to follow to guide you from beginning to end step by step! They’re so helpful and it’s completely free.


2. Choosing your name

Before choosing your name, do some research, have a look online to see if there are any blogs or social media accounts out there that have the same or similar name. Get creative with your name and make sure that you’re 100% on it before you proceed to buy the domain address and set up social media accounts. I used the website GoDaddy to purchase and manage my domain name, you can also set up a business email address with them, making it really easy when starting your own blog.

(top tip! Try and make sure that all of your names are consistent throughout your social media accounts to make them easier to search for your readers)


3. Decide on your theme before you work on your site any further

Word press provides hundreds of free themes to choose from. You can install a theme and have a play around with it before you decide to continue and build your website further. Choose your theme and make sure it’s definitely what you want. I say this because, I chose a theme and began installing plug ins, writing posts and developing pages but then I decided I wanted a different theme, I found that after installing a new theme a lot of what I had already developed didn’t work anymore so I was almost back to square one.


4. Make it your own

Before developing my blog I conducted some research on other blogs, I looked at what worked well on their sites and what I liked about them. I definitely took some inspiration from other blogs but don’t copy someone’s blog like for like, make sure you enjoy the creative process and put your own mark on everything you do. If you do find that you’re not sure what direction to take your blog in, visit a bunch and write down some pointers of things you liked, take a look at your list and see if there are some common factors and think of how you can adapt this when starting your own blog.


5. Use forums

I have to say, I did think that forums were almost a thing of the past now, but after running into some problems when installing plug ins and creating pages, I simply googled my answer and found so many other people who had posted the question in forums and had plenty of useful solutions. I would say this solved my problem 95% of the time!


These 5 tips are just some of the things I wish I had known before starting my blog so I hope that they help you, I will post again about the more technical ins and outs of word press but if you do have any questions please do not hesitate to comment below or get in touch using the contact page.

Until next time!

BBBeauty Blogger xo

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