Clay Masks – Yes or no?

Clay Masks – Yes or no?

So, they’ve taken the face mask world by storm, but are they all they’re clayed up to be? (terrible – but it sounded much better in my head)

Price & Range

There are tonnes of clay face masks out now, however one of the most popular (and good to the purse) choices are the Loreal Clay Mask range. I bought mine from Superdrug on offer for just £5.00. I stood in the shop for nearly 10 minutes trying to decide which mask would suit my skin and I finally settled on the ‘pure clay detox mask’ which supposedly detoxifies and clarifies.


Upon opening the mask I instantly noticed the smell and it wasn’t a pleasant one, however, how nice can you expect clay to smell? The texture is thick but applies to the skin easily. I applied the mask all around my face, paying particular attention to my nose and chin (my problem areas) and headed off to make a cup of tea whilst I waited it for it to work its magic. You do start to feel the hardening affect as it dries up but as I checked in the mirror I was shocked to see that as the mask dries it magnifies all of your pores, it’s totally gross but amazing at the same time.


The verdict

After the suggested 15 minutes had passed and wiped mine off with warm water and a flannel, the mask removes very easily.

My skin was left feeling refreshed and you could instantly see how hydrated my skin was and my pores seem to have cleared up dramatically. My skin was so soft I could not stop touching it, definitely impressed. I’ve used this product 3 times now and the jar isn’t near to half full (yes – I’m that kind of person)

Would I buy again? Yes

Would I recommend? Yes

Does it do what it says on the tin? Yes

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