My Terrible Makeup Counter Experience

My Terrible Makeup Counter Experience

I love a good makeup counter. I think they provide an amazing experience when purchasing makeup, having it all laid out beautifully and a lovely woman or man on hand to help you and guide you through the products. I always look forward to going makeup shopping, especially if I need to go to a more high end concession counter. Now, apart from the usual business of standing around at the MAC makeup counter on a weekend, I hadn’t had a bad experience, until last week.

I myself worked in retail for a number of years, it’s late nights, weekends, hard work and not a lot of money for how much you do. I get it, working isn’t always a joy and you have to find ways to entertain yourself throughout shifts which usually involves having fun with co-workers or day dreaming in my case.

The aim of this blog post is not to badmouth the brand and I wouldn’t want anybody to think that was my intention, so for this reason I have decided to keep the brand anonymous.

The Company

This make-up brand is a US based company, they have been around for a number of years now and recently brought their products over to the UK by way of concession stands in department stores. After watching a viral Youtube video of someone using their product I had always wanted to purchase their bestseller. However, shipping costs and customs fees made it impossible to allow myself to pay over £80.00 for what would normally be a £30.00 product which is why I was overjoyed to find out they would be selling from the UK.

The Experience

After working this best-selling product into my budget for the month I was ecstatic on my way to the store. I approached the makeup counter and decided I was going to have a look around first and take it all in. I had already eyeballed what I came for but I love to browse. After around 5 minutes of swatching some products I knew it was time to seek some help in order to match me up.

There was a lady working on the makeup counter currently with a customer and I noticed two other employees one was applying some makeup to the other, I approached them and politely asked “Would one of you be able to give me a hand matching my shade please?”…. no answer, they carried on with their conversation, they mustn’t have heard me I thought. “Sorry to interrupt, would one of you be able to help me with something please?” One of them turned me and just said “can you wait a minute?” – now I wish I could inject tone into a post, it wasn’t a ‘I’ll be with you in just a sec” kind of tone, it was a “I heard you the first time” tone.

I was quite shocked so I just replied “I just need someone to get me this shade out please”  The response I got to that was “we’re busy, you’ll have to wait for her to be finished with that customer and then she can help you” I just walked away and as I walked away they began laughing and sniggering and I heard one of them say “wow – so annoying”.

Everything in me would normally tell me that I would confront someone like that and make sure they knew exactly what they were doing and how it made me feel. But we never know how we’re going to react in any situation until we experience it. Having that experience made me feel awkward, embarrassed and annoyed. I was made to feel somewhat small. I think the build-up to the experience contributed to those feelings too. My experience was ruined, I simply put the product down and immediately walked out of the store.

My Message To Retail Workers

I understand to some people this may be just a job to you but you have to take into consideration that you provide a service, customer service. The way you talk, act and even your facial expressions can make all the difference to someone’s day, both good and bad. Take just a moments time to smile at a customer and ask them if they need help and if someone does approach you with questions, your chat with your co-worker instantly should become not important anymore, you should be working now.

I don’t believe my experience was because someone was tired or they had a big rush, I believe I was unlucky enough to catch two people who were showing off to each other by making comments and laughing. It’s a shame that I didn’t get my product and also that the company missed out on my custom.

My Message To Shoppers

Don’t let anybody ruin your experience, if you do come across a less than helpful person or even a brand, just take it in your stride. Find someone else who could help you or come back another time and see if there’s someone else you can deal with. I won’t let my experience affect my opinion of makeup counter’s or even that brand, every day is a new day for shopping makeup.

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