101 Blog Post Ideas

101 Blog Post Ideas

101 Blog Post Ideas

That’s right. 101 blog post ideas. Most of the time a blog post will just come to you, whether it’s from an event happening, purchasing a new product or creating your latest makeup look. However sometimes it’s easy to lack inspiration and really have to think hard about what you’re going to write. Here I have compiled a list of 101 blog post ideas to help you in those times of need.

#1 Skincare Routine – share your morning, night time and makeup removal routine.

#2 Monthly Favourites – always a crowd pleaser. I love looking at what people are obsessing over each month.]

#3 Makeup table/ vanity tour – I am literally obsessed with seeing peoples set up, it’s a great way to find inspiration for your own makeup station.

#4 Makeup storage – show people your cool ways of storing your makeup whether it’s in draws or on the table top.

#5 Makeup collection – some people call it showing off, I ignore them. Of course not everybody can afford to have the biggest, baddest high end makeup collection going. I love looking at all different sized makeup collections and often find the best little goodies in the smaller collections as it’s more concentrated.

#6 Camera set up/ what you use to photograph – Whether it’s your iPhone or DSLR show people your set up and what equipment you use to get your photos looking just right.

#7 Lighting set up – you could use a ring light, natural light or just lamps but show people how you set it up in order to capture the best photo possible. Photographers will always tell you, lighting is everything.

#8 About you – a little biography. Tell your readers a little bit about yourself, it helps them relate to you more and you become a real person rather than just a writer behind a computer screen.

#9 Holidays – share your breathtaking holiday shots with your readers. We all love a good nosy at a sandy beach or a beautiful architecture.

#10 Makeup palette review – Share your opinion and photgraphs of the newest palette or your all time favourite.

#11 Makeup swatches – these have saved me time and money in the past. After seeing a product listed online and wanting it so badly, to then see a swatch of it looking nothing like I thought has been my saviour. Save someone’s life. Bit extreme but it’s my inner drama queen coming out again.

#12 Range review – Brands will often launch new ranges of products. Whether it’s skincare or makeup, show your readers the whole range to give them as much information as possible.

#13 Favourite lipsticks – Share your favourite lipsticks. We all love a good nude but try and mix it up with a bit of colour to inspire people to be bold.

#14 Glam makeup look – who doesn’t love being glam? with a bold lip and poppin’ highlight you cannot go wrong.

#15 Outfit of the day – I for one, struggle sometimes piecing outfits together. I often search pinterest for inspiration, suggest some good clothing/ accessory combos.

#16 Handbag collection – I personally slack when it comes to the handbag area of life. I tend to buy one, use it for a few months, get bored then purchase a new one. I find it difficult to spend a lot of money on one as I know I’ll be completely bored of it in such a short space of time.

#17 Shoe collection – from trainers and heels to sandals and crocs (maybe not the latter). Show off your shoe collection gurllll.

#18 How to posts – if you have the knowledge of how to on any subject or object or anything, share it with the world. Be helpful. Share the knowledge.

#19 DIY – readers love a good DIY post. Especially if it saves you money or enables you to create something specific you can’t seem to find in shops.

#20 How you got started – talk about what your first steps to becoming a blogger were. Where did you find your information? any useful tips? shortcuts? Divulge them all.

#21 How to create your blog – setting up a blog is a bit of daunting thing until you actually begin doing it, but it’s pretty simple. share your tips and tricks for setting up a blog.

#22 Festival makeup – all the range right now. As it approaches festival season you’re allowed to create wonderfully wacky and colourful looks. The more glitter the better. Inspire everyone.

#23 Haircare routine – something I believe is neglected if you ask me. We talk about skincare all the time and anti-ageing techniques. But inspire people to give their hair a little TLC every now and then.

#24 Hairstyle step by steps – Pinterest is usually the one for this. But if you have your own style you can share with everyone, share the love.

#25 Food – everybody loves food. Of course. You could share where you went out to eat, your own recipes or favourite foods.

#26 Nails – nailcare is also a neglected area of the beauty world. If you don’t look after them properly you could cause damage that takes years to repair. Also, share your favourite polishes/ treatments to get done.

#27 Personal experiences – have you had any life experiences you wouldn’t mind sharing? if not to tell a story to give people advice should they ever end up in that situation. You’ll feel great if you know that you could have helped one person through something.

#28 Life/ health advice – ok so you’re not a doctor, are you? but you can still give some friendly advice on how you take care of your body. Remember not to dictate to people how they should live their life, advice is something offered but not always taken, don’t get frustrated if people don’t agree with your way of living.

#29 Diet – in a world full of female abs and gymwear instagram posts readers will be eager to find out your diet. Personally, I think mine might inspire people to gain weight, but you might be the picture of health, people will listen.

#30 Fitness routine – again, very popular. Oddly, we love watching people getting all sweaty moving weights around in the gym and running on the spot.

#31 Organisation – not my strongest point. But you might be a highly organised stationary queen, share your tips and ideas to help people get their life in order.

#32 Face masks – the market for face masks seems to have grown massively the past couple of years. And some of them don’t come cheap. If you have some face masks you like or that you can try out and review, save people the hassle and tell them all about them.

#33 Hauls – they’ve taken over Youtube so why not put them on your blog? whether it’s clothing or makeup or even food show it all.

#34 High end vs Drug store – just because something has a huge brand name slapped on it or you have to work 3 days to pay for does it mean it’s any good? no, not always. Compare your high end products to drug store versions and shout out whether you think they’re worth the extra £’s.

#35 Giveaways – who doesn’t love free stuff? I know I do. Usually attached with some rules about following social accounts or commenting somewhere giveaways are a good way to pull in a crowd. Top Tip: add in to your rules that entries need to tag a friend or share your picture, this will help boost your profile and increase your reach.

#36 Body transformations – if you’ve undergone a lifestyle change and lost weight or just toned up a little, share your journey. As someone who is trying to lose weight I love reading blog posts about weightloss transformations. You could give someone a tip that changes their life. That’s not even me being dramatic, I truly believe that.

#37 Accessorize – show off your accessories. Team your rings and necklaces together and show people what goes well.

#38 Editing tools – video or photography, sometimes we need to do a little editing. Share what you use to do this. Don’t be ashamed to talk about your photo editing apps/ tools, sometimes photos need a little touch up or crop here and there.

#39 Blogging tips and tricks – have you found something that did wonders for you? something that made your life easier or gained you some followers? don’t keep that stuff to yourself, there’s plenty of readers for us all to share and play nicely.

#40 Step by step makeup – show your makeup look come to life with step by step photos and products.

#41 Home/ Interior – huge huge industry. I am literally obsessed with looking at people’s homes on pinterest and I love a good house tour on Youtube. I’ve gained some really good ideas from doing this, share your tips and inspire the interior designer within your reader.

#42 Blog design – share the programme you use, whether it’s wordpress or blogger if you have any tech savy tips for the aspiring blogger it could save them time and stress having to figure it out themselves. They’ll be grateful.

#43 Gift ideas – I personally struggle sometimes when it comes to gifts. I’m the kind of person that asks people what they want for their birthday but then feels bad they don’t have a surprise. Suggest your gift ideas ranging in price and help someone out.

#44 Books you’re reading/ recommend – Hearing an opinion on a book and a little bit about it is a great way to get to know the book a little before you buy. I have bought books in the past after reading the blurb and been sorely disappointed at the contents. Share an overview, what you like about it and if you recommend it.

#45 Mens – most women will still have to purchase things for men, whether it’s fashion or gifts. If you’ve purchased something that went down well, suggest it.

#46 Perfume collection/ review – if only we could smell through the screen. But you can still describe a perfume perfectly and what you like about it in a blog post.

#47 Favourite foundations – if you have more than one foundation you regularly turn to share what you like about each one, the pros and cons and how you chose which one to use on any day.

#48 Beauty hacks – they took over the world only a few short years ago, or so it feels like. With everything from using tampons to apply foundation and chicken fillets to blend write about your beauty hacks you like to use.

#49 Top 5 makeup products – choose any range whether it’s foundations, concealers, eyeshadow palettes, etc. people love variety.

#50 Dupes – praise the lord for dupes. If you’ve found a product that has a striking resemblance to another but half the price, tell them about it.

#51 Tanning routine – in a world of the bronzed bikini goddess’ of instagram we sometimes need a little sun in a bottle. Do you have a favourite fake tan that gives you that sought after even bronzed glow?

#52 Best and worse products – you could feature anything. Is there something you used once and is now relegated to the back of your makeup draw? or something you can’t live without. Tell your readers.

#53 Designer handbag review – if you have the luxury of being able to spend a little more on a handbag, review it. Some people save up for a certain handbag for what could be months then find that it isn’t at all what they expected. Show real images of the bag and say what you like and don’t like about it.

#54 Try on clothing haul – we’ve all fallen victim to seeing clothes online and them arriving something different. Help some people out by showing them the clothes you bought, you might even inspire them to purchase what you have.

#55 Feature your bestfriend/ boyfriend – people are nosy. They like knowing details about your life, especially if you have a regular stream of readers who return specifically to your blog. Whether it’s your bestfriend, your boyfriend or your mum. Talk about them and introduce them to your blog.

#56 Halloween makeup – every year it gets more crazy. Inspire looks with your own makeup look and outfit ideas.

#57 False lashes – often a bit of a dark horse when it comes to being features in blog posts. They don’t get much airtime in my opinion but how many times have you picked up some falsies and found they have a rigid strip or terrible glue. Save people the trouble, share your best and worse.

#58 Candles – what? I hear you say. But I love candles and I know there are so many other people out there who do. Rather than everyone reaching for the famous Yankee if you have any other favourite brands, shout about it.

#59 Subscription box reviews – this seems to be a recent favourite. Subscription boxes are a brilliant idea, it gives you the chance to try out multiple products at a fraction of the cost.

#60 Review budget beauty – People love a good bargain, but only if it’s actually going to be useful. If you’ve found a bargain buy write about it.

#61 Makeup look for under £xx? – challenge yourself, set a reasonable budget and buy products that total under that amount and create a look.

#62 New years resolutions – if you’ve got some resolving to do that isn’t just weightloss or stop spending money on food, inspire people. They might take read your blog post and decide to do something similar.

#63 Closet tour/ storage – if you’ve got a pinterest worthy wardrobe set up or just some money savy tips write a blog post and show people where they can buy each product from.

#64 Christmas gifts – I love Christmas, but I dread having to sit there and write out my lengthy gift list for each person. If you’ve got some suggestions brag about them in your post.

#65 Food recipes – if you have the secret to the perfect buttercream or a moist brownie please share it. Those kinds of things should not be kept a secret from the world.

#66 Goals and aspirations – put them out there. This will not only help you as you are 42% more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down it could inspire others.

#67 Summer makeup look – brights and glowy skin are essential for summer. Show your readers how you get your look.

#68 Tips for a certain skin type – if you have oily or dry skin, share the products you use to control and beat the issues that come along with it.

#69 Big life changes – are you moving home? getting married? starting a family? share parts of your journey with others.

#70 Dental care routine – seems a little strange but people love this. Everyone wants that Hollywood smile but not everybody knows the products or routine you should practice.

#71 Your favourite blogs/ bloggers – I recently posted about my favourite bloggers and it’s my highest ranking post to date. Share the love.

#72 Review books/ films – if you’re reading a book or watching a TV series you love share it, don’t think that people find that stuff boring, they actually love it.

#73 Bust a myth – the beauty world is full of myths, prove them wrong and it might just win you over some new readers.

#74 Recommend blogging tools – there are thousands of plug-ins out there that can make your blog go above and beyond, if you have some cool little plug-ins please do tell.

#75 Create your own series – I recently created my own series ‘take it from me’ where I will posted tips, advice, etc. to help people in one way or another. Be creative and see what you can come up with.

#76 Do a Q&A on social media – this might seem a little nervewrecking at first, what if I don’t get any questions? who cares, put yourself out there, you might be surprised.

#77 Your opinion on the industry – a bloggers right is to pass their opinion over certain events or industries. It doesn’t mean what you say is gospel but I think this always makes an interesting read.

#78 Feature a blogger or a reader – you can do profiles on a blogger that you like or even a reader. The best course of action would be to approach that person before you write a post about them, they may even give you  a mini interview.

#79 Makeover / before and after – if you can find a volunteer this is great. I’m sure people love seeing your face but switching it up is always a good idea.

#80 Guest post – a guest post is an agreement between two people or a group. You write a post to appear on each others blog, this can increase both profess bloggers and direct more traffic to your blog. Don’t be afraid to ask people, it’s a mutually beneficial agreement.

#81 Time saving tips –  one thing we can’t buy with money is time. If you have some time saving tips whatever they might be share them!

#82 Interview – If you can interview a brand or even a high profile blogger you are laughing.  This not only provides people with an insight to a brand or a blogger it gives your profile a raise when they promote it. Don’t be afraid to email people and ask them, what’s the worse than can happen?

#83 Hobbies – do you have any hobbies that people might be interested in reading? Tell everyone about it.

#84 Try out a trend – instagram is often filled with people trying out new products or the newest wacky hack, try it out for yourself and give your honest opinion.

#85 Life updates – people love a mini biography. If you have something interesting about to happen share it, you might get interest and it could turn into an ongoing series.

#86 What’s in my bag – a Youtube favourite but it can migrate over to a blog post too.

#87 Favourite Youtubers – I think most bloggers love watching Youtube videos. Strike me down if I’m wrong. I have loads of favourites. Be sure to credit them if you use any images of theirs.

#88 Pick of the week – if you want a regular post you can rely on each week do something like weekly favourite. With all of the products it takes to create a full face you could have enough already to fill 15 weeks.

#89 SEO – if you know about SEO then share the knowledge, not everybody knows about it and it’s a great tool to getting your blog noticed.

#90 What you’ve learned from blogging – have you had any lessons from blogging or gained any valuable knowledge? I doubt that for most people that answer would be a no.

#91 No makeup makeup look – a solid favourite on Youtube. I love seeing these looks created and the 299 products it takes to actually achieve it! Have fun.

#92 Share voucher codes – if we humans love anything, it’s a bargain. If you have a listen of coupon codes for your favourite brands share them. If you’re lucky enough to have a personal code it could earn you some cash too.

#93 Post a question – spark up a debate. People love a good debate and gives you a chance to get to know your readers more.

#94 Ask for suggestions – not everybody can take criticism and use it to your advantage. But if you feel you can take the heat, ask people what they think about your blog and any suggestions they may have for you. They won’t all be good or positive but they can be useful.

#95 A funny tutorial – How not to do something or a challenge such as blindfolded or drunk (which I have done – video in my instagram @bbbeautybloggeruk).

#96 Your opinion on recent events – If there has been something happen in the industry, talk about it. Give your opinion, ask questions, let’s all talk!

#97 Your day out in pictures – if you’re on an interesting day out, take some photos and talk about your day.

#98 Places to visit – if you have travelled and have some places to recommend let it all out.

#99 Winter makeup look – it’s true that we change our makeup with the seasons, and why wouldn’t we? Winter is the time for bold dark lips and grungey eyes.

#100 Changing seasons skincare – as the seasons change it does have an effect on your skin, if you change up your routine for the seasons let it be known.

#101 An honest confession/ advice/ experience – we could all help people out more and what better way than to share your experiences with people? It could help someone in their time of need. Of course some things are private, share what you’re comfortable with.

So there you have it, 101 blog post ideas. Surprisingly, all 101 of them only took me around 1 hour to come up with. Maybe my days and hours of reading and studying the industry has actually paid off!

101 Blog Post ideas

If you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to put them in the comment box below.

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