Current Skincare Routine

Current Skincare Routine


My current skincare routine including what I use to take my make-up off, night time routine & my morning routine. I have to be honest with you, I never used to care about my skin – terrible I know. But I don’t think I ever fully understood how important it was and how beneficial it can be. Taking just 10 minutes out of my morning and night to take care of the only skin I will ever have. When I did start taking the time to develop my own personal skincare routine I noticed a huge difference. Not only how my skin looked without make-up but also with it. I tend to get a really oily t-zone area but dry skin everywhere else, so I have to tailor my regime to the different areas on my face.

How I remove my make-up

First of all I take two cotton wool pads and squirt a small amount of the Nuage Micellar water onto them. I then gently rub the cotton pads on my eyes in order to remove any eyeshadow, mascara or eyeliner I have on there.

 After this step I use a face wipe, I have been using the Boots cleansing wipes, to remove any face make-up I have on. Then finally I go back to using the Nuage micellar water on a cotton wool pad all around my face in order to remove any excess dirt or left over make-up I have on my face (usually there is always some make-up that comes off, which is proof that face wipes can’t work alone – sorry face wipes).

Nuage M


Morning Routine

In the shower I use Witch oil control foaming face wash, this doesn’t smell that great but it does the trick so I can deal with that. Then when I get out of the shower I throw some cold water onto my face, not only does it help wake me up but doing so also tightens your pores and makes them appear reduced. I follow this by applying my Boots Botanics toner on a cotton wool pad and smooth over my skin, I do this this as an extra step in order to close my pores after showering to avoid any excess dirt or oil getting into them. I then use my Boots Botanics Hydrating Serum all over my face to give my skin the extra boost it needs to wake up and look fresh. This works well and doesn’t seem to make my t-zone excessively oily.


Night time Routine

So after I have removed all of my makeup, as above, I then apply some products to work on my skin overnight. I apply my Kiko Milano moonlight oil serum by rubbing two drops onto my fingertips and applying directly onto my face whilst avoiding my t-zone area as I don’t want to add any extra oil to this area. Finally, I apply my baby lips lip balm so that can also work on moisturising my lips whilst I sleep.

I would say compared to some, my skincare routine is pretty basic. I tend to use a lot of products for day and night  mostly to save having to apply 15 different products a day and to save money too. What’s good enough for the morning is good enough for the night in my eyes.


On top of this routine I also try to apply at least 2 face masks a week, at the moment I am alternating between the Loreal Clay Mask to help clear out my pores and detox my skin and the Garnier moisture bomb sheet mask to give my skin an extra hydration boost, and that is basically the full extent of my skincare routine!

Holy Grail Tip

However, none of this would even matter if you didn’t do the most important thing you can do for your skin! DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! I see a massive difference in my skin if I’m ever slacking on my water, even if it’s just for one day.

You can shop any of these products by clicking on the pictures of the products and the link will take you directly to the item.

Please leave any of your skincare suggestions in the comments below, I am always on the lookout for new products to try!

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