Filming/ Photo Setup & Tips for Blogging

Filming/ Photo Setup & Tips for Blogging


I finally feel happy with my camera/ lighting set up. So I thought why not share what I do and use with other people to provide either information or inspiration! See my blogging tips below!


I use a Cannon 700D camera for filming tutorials and taking photos for my blog and socials. I was lucky enough to be gifted this camera off my boyfriend for my 21st Birthday last year. Never in a million years did I expect something so expensive and amazing but after recognising how much I wanted to blog and film tutorials he was kind enough to purchase me one. The camera came with a 17-55mm kit lens. Which is amazing for filming or taking photos from either far away or zooming in on a product.

In order to learn how to use the camera (properly) I utilised videos on Youtube, I found the most helpful videos from ???. This guy also teaches about lighting and filming set ups that will be very useful even if you just use your phone for photography. The camera isn’t cheap and is priced at £549.00 at Jessops. However, in my opinion, it is most certainly worth every penny and I noticed a huge difference in quality swapping from my iPhone to the Cannon 700D.


Besides trying to use natural lighting where I can, I have a Neewer 18” ring light for filming and photography from Amazon. I was absolutely blown away by the difference this ring light made to my videos. Natural lighting can be difficult to utilise depending on weather and time of day and it isn’t the most reliable source of light. The first time I tried out this ring light I actually cried. I was blown away by how good it was but that isn’t really why I cried. Once I switched the light on and saw the huge difference it made on my video it all felt very real all of a sudden and I finally realised that I could create content that is up there with the great beauty gurus of our time. Deep I know, but that was when I knew that I was capable of ‘doing what they do’.

I purchased this ring light off Amazon, you have to purchase a separate stand which costs around £10. Also, the stand does come with a place for your camera but you have to purchase a camera head for £5 to screw it on. This ring light was an amazing investment and I really have seen a huge difference in the quality of my videos and photos.


For editing photos (yes I am being honest about editing some photos) I use an app on my iPad called FaceTune. This app does everything from applying filters, enhancing features, defocusing, smoothing, colouring and lighting. Something I feel very strongly about when posting pictures of my makeup is not editing it up so it’s ‘perfect’. I’ve doubted my skills in the past after trying to recreate amazing makeup looks I found online and it not turning out just like theirs. The chances of someone having completely smooth skin with no blemishes, pimples or even just dry skin is unlikely, so you can assume it’s probably edited. I use my app for the tools such as lighting, you can lighten the foreground of your images, crop and defocus.

For editing videos I use iMovie. Unfortunately (and this does make me very sad) I don’t have a Macbook or Mac. I would really really really love one, but for now I use my iPad to edit my videos. It isn’t practical as it doesn’t have much storage but it will do for now. I transfer my videos using a USB adaptor cable I bought off eBay and it works wonderfully, it loads up the photos in your photo album and allows you to choose which photos and videos you want to export. iMovie is so easy to use, you just load your videos in and from there you can trim them, add transition effects, music, record voiceovers, add text and loads more features. It’s free and it does the job! No complaints here.

General Tips

Generally, when it comes to taking pictures and creating videos you just have to be creative. Always try and come up with different styles and ways to do something different. As we are all aware there are thousands of bloggers out there and it’s easy to get caught into a trap of having your photos and videos look the same as the general ‘style’ popular at that moment. Try to be original, how else are you going to stand out in a world full of people who do the same as you?

The best piece of advice anybody ever game me was have a look at what other people do in different industries or with different interests. I’ve found inspiration in the past from watching Youtubers who create short films and even music videos. Also, check out more blogs from other areas for example fashion and food you might just find some useful blogging tips there.

Thanks for reading,

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