Review: Soleil Tan De Chanel

Review: Soleil Tan De Chanel

Soleil Tan De Chanel

The best bronzer in the entire world. I cannot even begin to stress how much I mean this. This beautiful cream bronzer is just perfect. Having never used a cream bronzer before purchasing this little beauty, I had always used Benefits Hoola Bronzer and had no issues with its performance. However after finishing off a pot of the Hoola bronzer I decide I was going to take a risk and look for something else to try out. In my research the Soleil Tan De Chanel Universal Bronzer kept cropping up. Hearing the name ‘Chanel’ instantly made me hold my purse closer to my chest. After getting over the scary thought of the bronzer being £1million I decided to look it up.


I looked on Selfridges website and found it was actually only £36.00. Now I hear you “that’s still a lot, that’s expensive, no way” but bear with me. It’s totally worth it.I was still unsure, I abandoned the idea and got on with my life. However, one day I was out shopping with a friend and the incredible Chanel counter caught my eye, curious I headed over and decided to take a look. Testing the product I realised it’s almost a mousse but not quite and it didn’t have that great of a smell. Something in me just thought “go on treat yourself” I’m sure you know the feeling? Opening it up for the first time I handled it with care and precision. I was absolutely delighted when I opened up the lid to see a smooth pattern on the top, completely whipped to perfection.


I use a real techniques blush brush 1407 to apply this bronzer, however due to its texture you could use a kabuki brush or even a flat top brush. I apply the Soleil Tan De Chanel to the points on my face where the sun naturally hits. These being my forehead, cheeks and I also bring it down my neck. I use this bronzer over makeup and by itself on holiday to give my face a bronzy glow. This is the best investment in my makeup collection. I have had this bronzer for a full year and it isn’t even half empty yet. I would one million percent recommend this bronzer to anyone and everyone, no matter what your skin tone or type. It’s completely buildable and leaves a beautiful natural bronze to the face.

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