Blogging Tips: My Top 10

Blogging Tips: My Top 10

There are tonnes of blogging tips articles out there. Most of them have the same tips so I wanted to create my own list of tried and tested tips that have been successful for me and will be for you.

When I started out I didn’t realise how many aspects there are to blogging like writing methods, coding, social media, promotion, SEO, the list goes on. So I have complied my top 10 blogging tips whether you’re a newbie or an experienced blogger


1. Make your content scannable – We live in a generation now where only 65% watch more than 3/4 of any video. People’s attention spans are growing shorter and shorter. Make your content stand out with headings and images to catch people’s eyes.


2. Promote, promote, promote – I was worried about pushing my new blog posts too much on social media. But the fact is that’s exactly what you need to do starting out. Your initial post can be easily lost under the millions of posts out there. I usually post an image to instagram with a link in my bio, tweet the link, facebook the link then a few hours later add an image to my instagram story. A few days later I might post a different image to instagram about the same blog post, I find this usually increases my hit count by a minimum of 50%.


3. SEO –  I’m not going to pretend I know everything about SEO but I have a good understanding of it and i don’t think I need to know too much at this point in time. I use a wordpress plugin called ‘Yoast SEO’. It analysises your whole site and individual blog posts when you’re writing them in order for you to optimise your posts to get the most hits when searched. This has been so useful for me and I don’t know what i would do without it now.


4. Forums may seem outdated, but they’ve saved my bacon a few times – I didn’t think that people wrote on forums anymore until I started blogging. But I’m glad they do. Whenever I’ve had a problem I’ve googled the issue and 9/10 found my answer on a forum from people experiencing the same problem.

5. Network! – I really did underestimate the power of blogger networking until I started it. However since starting I’ve been able to speak to people who have the same interests as me, discuss blogging, found new products and even found some brands to work with by association.


6. Google Analytics – I read a blog post once that said you shouldn’t concentrate on statistics too early on, but it has helped me out a lot. I have downloaded the ‘Google Analytics’ plugin for my blog and it gives me a daily summary of how many visitors I’ve had and also a visitor count for all of time. It also shows you how many hits you receive on each blog post, which is so handy at seeing what posts people were more interested in than others.


7. Write as much often as you can handle – When I first made my blog live it didn’t look to great as there was only one post. I spent my first week posting another 4 to bulk it out. If someone clicks on a page category of yours it doesn’t look too good having only one on two posts. So don’t just write for the sake of it but try and get inspired regularly it will really boost your blog!


8. Break out of your comfort zone – When I started blogging I only had in mind to do makeup, skincare and gift reviews but now I’ve been doing it a couple of months I have been trying out writing about some other things for example, I have recently started a Weightloss Diary series, and I’m enjoying it so much! You may want to stick to what you know and that’s fine but you might find something else you enjoy just as much.


9. Likes aren’t everything – Sometimes certain blog posts or instagram posts don’t go down as well as you’d expected, you might have gotten an extra 100 likes on your previous post but it doesn’t mean anything, social media can be up and down depending on time of day and usually the weekend is quiet as everyone is out doing their own thing. Just accept that’s how it goes sometimes.


10. Don’t give up – Building a following and creating traffic to your blog just takes time, it can be a slow starter and there are peaks and troffs but don’t let it affect you too much. If you really love blogging you shouldn’t have a problem just focus on enjoying it but I understand how easy it is to feel frustrated that you don’t have as many followers as this person or you aren’t being paid like that person is. Just have fun!


I hope these updated 10 blogging tips help you in some way, I love reading posts like this as sometimes it just helps you realise something that you forgot, like how the most important thing is to have fun and just relax!

Comment any suggestions down below and help someone out!



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