The Body Source Argan Oil: Review

The Body Source Argan Oil: Review

The Body Source Argan Oil

I have always used argan oil for treating my hair when it’s in need of a bit of tlc, but I must confess I used to buy a cheap one for £2.99 and sometimes wonder why it wasn’t as effective as it was reported to be. Now I realise why, price doesn’t always mean that something isn’t going to be as good as a more expensive version but I wasn’t using 100% argan oil. Checking my old one after receiving this last week I was shocked to find it was only 72% and the rest of the ingredients I can’t even pronounce.

This oil from The Body Source is 100% pure and organic and the best part? It comes in a huge 100ml bottle. I have never seen one so big! It’s a good job as well because after learning that Argan Oil can be used not only for your hair but your skin, fingernails and even cooking my guess is I’ll be going through it quickly. Argan Oil has also been proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks! Who knew how multi-talented argan oil was?


 I recently wrote a feature for The Body Source on the two ways I use Argan Oil for my hair. You can see their article “20 Essential and Effective Argan Oil Benefits & Tip from the UK’s Leading Beauty Bloggers”. It was a real pleasure to be asked to provide my tips for this article and there are so many different uses I never even imagined was possible.

The Body Source pride themselves on providing products that are good for health and mental wellbeing ensuring all products are ethically sourced and produced with the customer in mind, considering the price of this I can confirm they do keep the customer in mind as this 100ml bottle is only £11.99 and free delivery. They also sell Extra Virgin Coconut oil which I need to place an order for, I have one at the minute but it is rock solid, I’ve tried all the traditional ways of softening it up but it just doesn’t want to play! Sometimes you just have to accept that you can’t spend £2 on something and it to work miracles, you just have to accept it.


My two uses in a nutshell are:

1.  Giving my hair some tlc when it becomes dry and damaged. As it’s getting to summer now I tend to get more split ends and really dry ends so it’s essential I add some oil to my hair.

2. As a detangler after a wash. My hair is quite thick so it gets notty really easily but running some of this through the ends before drying and then attacking with a brush usually does the trick.


This product is non-greasy penetrates really well. You only need a small pea sized amount of this product if you are running it through the ends, you can be a little more generous if leaving overnight as you can wash your hair to remove any excess oil left behind. I would definitely recommend this product if you’re in the market for an all rounder skin and hair treatment. They currently have a discount code running for 20% off just enter ‘lovearganoil20BBB’ at the checkout!


I will be posting a short tutorial of how I use this product over on my Instagram this weekend so keep an eye out for that! Let me know if you try this product and what you thought of it!



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2 thoughts on “The Body Source Argan Oil: Review”

  • I used to by cheap Argan Oil based products too for my hair all the time! I haven’t tried the 100% pure oil but I have heard AMAZING things!

    • It’s amazing! Give this one a try! You can use my code for 20% off and you get free delivery! Well worth it.

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