Beauty Essentials Top Up Shop

Beauty Essentials Top Up Shop

I know it’s not just me that has it where everything you use on a daily basis runs out at the same time and you end up having to go and blow most of your wages replacing them. Luckily this time it was more just the daily essentials than makeup.

I nipped into Boots at the weekend to replace some of my much loved beauty essentials and I thought I would share them with you. Boots always have the best offers on, especially when it comes to skincare! They also had triple advantage card points on this weekend so it was a win win.


Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturiser

Clean and Clear

I purchased this a couple of months back after seeing a makeup artist recommend the product for controlling oily skin before makeup. I had always just used normal moisturiser and tried to mattify with primer but adding this extra step has really helped keep my oil under control throughout the day. I use this before my makeup everyday and when i get out of the shower. It does sting a little when I use it after a shower, but I do find with clean & clear products they generally tingle, I just take it as a sign it’s actually doing something. Using this teamed with a matte primer is sure to keep your makeup matte and looking perfect all day. Cost: £3.25 – Here


Batiste 2 in 1 Dry Shampoo & Conditioner


I have always used batiste but this is a new try for me. This is their 2 in 1 invisible shampoo and conditioner. Immediately I love that it doesn’t cast out white onto my hair, it’s something that has always bothered me about Batiste. If you don’t massage it into your hair enough you just look prematurely grey! But this one doesn’t have that problem – I’m in love. I’m not entirely convinced on the tackle against grease with this product though. My hair is at a weird stage at the minute because I’m waiting to get it re-dyed so it does tend to be a lot greasier when the colour needs doing. I used this this morning and it didn’t do exactly what I expected but I will continue to use it and see how I get on. Cost: £2.24 – Here


Garnier SkinActive Ultra Lift Eye Contour

garnier skin active eye cream

I have one word, wow. I purchased this as I’ve recently been a little more concerned over my eye area. I am only 21 but I have noticed that I have some fine lines and it’s something I would like to treat/ prevent from now on. I am bombarded by options looking on the internet so I will be carrying out my own trial and error routine with some (I will post about this in the future!) However, this little beauty was £5.32 on offer in Boots and it promises to reduce fine lines, prevent wrinkles and brighten the area. Now, I haven’t been using it long enough to know if it does reduce or prevent fine lines but, it most certainly does brighten and blur the under eye. I was literally mouth open gob smacked when I tried it for the first time. After a rough night of sleep my dark circles and eye bags were out in full force but one swipe of this under each eye took them right away. If it doesn’t actually prevent and reduce fine lines it is well worth the money for its brightening effect. A must try eye cream and now a firm party of my daily beauty essentials. Cost: £4.99 Here


Simple Age Resisting Cleansing Wipes

Simple face wipes

In line with what I mentioned earlier I am looking to try out some more ant-ageing products so I picked up these face wipes and thought I would give them a whirl. Honestly, I’m not really sure this is something I could ever confirm or deny has anti-ageing affects but it removes makeup the way it’s supposed to and they’re a good price, so it’s well worth using them on a daily basis. The way I see it is my makeup is being removed effectively so if there are any anti-ageing qualities to it, they’re a bonus! £1.99 Here


Sure Anti-Bacterial Deodorant

I don’t think deodorant is discussed enough in the beauty world. There are so many dud deodorants out there, I know I’ve had a few so it would be good to see more people talking about them. Before this I was using the sure invisible but after reading an article recently on how anti-bacterial deodorant is more effective than that without the anti-bacteria properties I jumped at purchasing this. It was only £1! Can you believe how cheap it is? I’ve used this for the last few days, it smells lovely and I feel like it has me covered most of the day, the real test will be using it for the gym – I’ll keep you updated. Cost: £1 Here

So that is everything I picked up from Boots in my top up beauty essentials shop. I will do more of a makeup focused beauty top up shop soon but I was in desperate need of replacing these items!



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