Colour Changing Lipstick – We Are Truelips: Review

Colour Changing Lipstick – We Are Truelips: Review

True Lips

Yes, you read that right….colour changing lipstick! I was so shocked when I heard about this, I’ve never seen anything like it before!

I’m no scientist but the long and short of this lipstick is that it reacts to the ph in your lips and creates a unique shade of pink! What this lipstick does for you could look totally different on your friend and I love that. I love the fact the actual product is an orange/ yellow colour rather than a pink, I think it really adds to the suspense of what shade you’re going to get.

I was sent this sample product to try out before it’s very anticipated launch in what I believe is October! I have to say, when they contacted me and told me they had a colour changing lipstick launching I thought I was being punked. Their Instagram has built up so much suspense and hasn’t revealed any of the shades gotten from the lipstick and I would say it’s so worth the shade! Even for the excitement if nothing else!

The lipstick applies smooth and glossy with the colour developing in just seconds! I posted a picture to my Instagram of me using the lipstick and you can see it changing before your very eyes!

The lipstick comes in a black tube with a clear lid and the True Lips logo in silver on the side. At first I was unsure on the clear lid but I think it’s totally necessary to show off that colour! Having this lipstick did make me wonder if I would actually suit an orange/yellow lipstick but I do tend to get carried away with myself sometimes.

As this product hasn’t officially launched yet it is not available to buy but be sure to follow their Instagram: @wearetruelips for updates and to find out exactly when this amazing product is on sale!

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