Bronnley England – The perfume of 2017

Bronnley England – The perfume of 2017

Sometimes with perfumes I become complaisant, I keep buying the same one out of habit and never venture too far into Boots due to the risk of not wanting to walk out of there smelling of 10 different scents! Perfume is a tricky one to review, as there are only so many words you can use to describe what you’re reviewing. Sometimes people do find ‘their smell’ as I call it, I have a friend who only ever wears Thierry Mugler Alien and whenever I smell that it reminds me of her, it’s almost like a trademark for some people but I like to mix it up. For my first ever perfume review I will be talking about this absolutely amazing perfume by Bronnley England.

Perfume is a preference but let me tell you, this will be in everyone’s preferred scents. The perfume I have is Iris & Wild Cassis and I’ll be honest when I saw the floral aspect of it I was unsure if I would like it, I am most definitely a sweet smell kind of girl – but this is described as having ‘lightly powdered scent of a classic flower with a modern fruity twist’ and that is bang on! It comes in a 50ml bottle and it’s only £14.50 – is that a joke? for a perfume that smells this good and lasts literally all day I can’t say anything more than I’ve literally been blown away by it. I’ve had so many compliments since I started wearing this a few weeks back and the best part is it lasts all day! I haven’t even reached for the Estee Lauder perfume recently.

Bronnley have a number of different collections to try, my next one will be the Rhubarb and Peony perfume, it’s had rave reviews and I can already tell I’m going to love it. Some of their products are sold in Boots and House of Fraser – here!


“An alluring femme fatale, the central iris note is deepened with cassis, plum, tuberose, star anise and pink pepper. The mysterious trail continues with a flash of patchouli, redolent of the seductive character of dark chocolate and roasted coffee beans.”


I literally think it’s magic when I see the notes of a fragrance, chocolate and coffee beans? I don’t get that when I smell it (because I’m no expert) but all of these elements combined create a beautiful and elegant fragrance. These will 100% be the top of my Christmas gift list this year – why spend £50+ on something you can get for less than £15? Also, if this couldn’t get any better, they also do candles of some their perfumes so you can fill your house with the beautiful fragrance, life is good, right?

Click here – to be directed to the perfume. This fragrance is part of a range which also includes body lotion, soap and shower gel.

Let me know if you give it a try, I can’t wait to see what you think!

Check out Bronnley England’s Instagram – here



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