Take it from me: Blogs you need to read “2nd Edition”

Take it from me: Blogs you need to read “2nd Edition”

If I love anything more than blogging myself it’s find other peoples blogs to read. There are so many amazing blogs out there now consisting of beautiful images, detailed reviews and even daily posts! (mega props to you if you post daily!). I love seeing posts recommending other bloggers, we just have to be supportive in this game! My last blog consisted of some pretty big bloggers, for example Lyida Elise Millen – she’s still a favourite but she doesn’t need to be recommended, most of you know who she is already! So I decided in this 2nd edition of blogs you need to read (see my first one here!) I would focus more on the talents of people with less than hundreds of thousands of followers! Afterall the people on top now were once in that situation.


A Beautiful Ride

Sophie is a 26 year old blogger from Essex who runs beauty blog ‘A beautiful ride’. Her blog is filled with reviews of beauty essentials and always captures products so beautifully. I could sit and read her posts all day! She also features fashion and lifestyle on her blog leaving no stone unturned. Her instagram feed is filled with makeup products and looks, wedding pictures and beautifully captured fashion. One flick through the homepage of her blog will leave you wanting to explore.


Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/abeautifulrideblog/

Blog – http://www.abeautifulride.co.uk/




The Sunday Girl

Girly, bright, pink and beautiful are just some of the words I would use to describe The Sunday Girl’s imagery. Her blog is filled with illuminious product photos reviewing high end and drug store brands. Her blog conists of endless product swatches and reviews and is updated daily! (this is the kind of superwoman I spoke about earlier) I love the unique nature of her writing and you can see how much effort she puts into ensuring her photos are well arranged and appealing to the eye! I love reading through her posts, literally on a Sunday!

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/thesundaygirluk/

Blog – http://www.thesundaygirl.com/







LPage Beauty

Another UK based blogger creating bad ass content online! With her bright and fresh photography filling her blog and feed it’s hard not to get drawn into reading pretty much every post she’s ever written. Posting regularly on all platforms you aren’t left for long before something new and exciting comes. Her collection is much to be adored and as you can see a self confessed spendaholic new products are always making a debut on her blog. Her posts have plenty of pictures and all the information and links you need to take you straight to the product you want to buy!

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/lpbeautyblog/

Blog – http://www.lpagebeauty.com/





These blogs are all my personal choices and haven’t been influenced in anyway! They literally are my blogs you need to read and I just love sharing my favourite blogs with you so you can discover too! If you have any blogs you love let me know or even send me your own!

Blogs you need to read

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