The Pressure Of Growing Your Social Media Following

The Pressure Of Growing Your Social Media Following

I’ve been massively inspired to write this blog post. Within 5 minutes of reading a blog post I’ve sat down to pen my own. I just finished reading Lydia Elise Millen’s blog post ‘How to really grow a social media following – The truth, the lies and how to spot the fakes’ – here!

The blog posts discusses how ‘fake followings’ and ‘manufactured likes’ are an ever increasing thing in the world of social media along with some tips on growing your social media following. Because you’re only as good as how many likes you’ve got, right? It’s not surprising that people reach for follow bots to up their instagram game when you look at the pressure that it has on society. If someone puts a picture up and doesn’t get enough likes they take it down, why? Because it’s embarassing, it means people don’t like them, it’s not a very good picture or even worse people might talk. All of these are so untrue but many people just can’t see it. As Lydia writes her blog post from a position of a massive genuine following and having been in the game for over 5 years now, i wanted to give my view point from the position I am in where I am still trying to grow my following and I haven’t been doing this all that long.

“Provide high quality content, consistently”

When I started up my blog and signed up to my social media accounts I instantly thought ‘right, I need to get some pictures up, get some followers’ I put pressure on myself from the word go and when a week had passed and I didn’t have 10,000 followers I was confused. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used Instagram before on a personal level but I never really cared about how many followers I had. I turned to my boyfriend and confusingly asked ‘what am I doing wrong?’ his response wasn’t what I wanted to hear at the time but looking back it was the best thing he could have said to me ‘Don’t worry about how many likes or followers you have, just concentrate on posting frequently but posting good quality content’. This is exactly what Lydia suggests on her recent blog post on how to grow your social media following.

It’s understandable that we feel we have to increase our followers fast and reach a milestone of likes on each picture we post, because if you don’t want to take up blogging as a money making career we need these numbers to get money and be sent products. right? Wrong. I currently have just over 3,000 followers and I’ve already worked with a handful of brands on promoting products, I thought I would have to reach tens of thousands before this happened, but brands don’t just look for numbers. They review your instagram, check out your images and read your blog posts before selecting you to review their product. Some brands may actually need to appeal to a smaller group of followers in order for their product to appeal. Just be patient, it was a couple of  months before I was contacted regarding any product reviews. As long as you’re in this for the love of it, those months will fly by.

I receive around 3 emails a week from people claiming to double following if I pay a small fee, they claim it’s ‘real growth’, it’s not. The only way to really grow is to provide good quality content consistently, if you do this your following will grow.


Top tips for growing your social media following

Post regularly – this keeps you on peoples feeds and promotes your page each time you post

Use the right #hastags – this is a great way for people to find you who actually want to see your stuff

Engage – engaging with people on their posts will encourage them to engage with you and yours

Be patient – don’t rush this, your following will increase if you do the above steps

Promote – don’t be afraid to promote a certain blog post multiple times. Put it on your story and post at least two images to promote the post.


I recently applied to become an affiliate for a brand and filling out the questionnaire you’re asked about how many followers you have on your socials, how many monthly hits you get on your blog and the options made me feel so nervous, I fell into the lowest category of 0 < 500 hits. I get around 500 hits on my blog currently, which I thought was incredible? 500 people per month reading my blog? amazing. I did think that, before I compared myself to those other categories. Why should I base my opinion of my work based on those of others? I shouldn’t. My aim when starting this blog was to write posts about things I love, review products and provide good reading and viewing content for people. One of my main missions was to inspire people, I’ve already had messages from people saying I’ve inspired them and that there is my mission accomplished. That doesn’t mean to say I’m done now, I can go home! But be mindful that when you say ‘I want to be a blogger’ realise that you already are one, from the moment you penned your first post. If you want to be a ‘successful blogger’ define what you mean, does that mean you want a certain amount of followers or to earn money? Once your goal is clear it becomes much easier to work towards and doing so will save you so much suffering.


“Never fail to appreciate the position you are in now, the you from the past might have killed to be where you are, give yourself some credit”


I hope this blog post helps at least one person realise they don’t have to stress about numbers or feeling a sense of failure because you didn’t get as many likes as that person or you don’t have the same following. It doesn’t define your work or you so don’t focus on it too much. If you want to chat to me about anything in the post please don’t hesitate to contact me on any of my socials! I love chatting with people who share the same interests.






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