Why I Started Obsessing Over Makeup & My Recent Big Decision

Why I Started Obsessing Over Makeup & My Recent Big Decision

It all started when I stumbled upon a Youtuber you may have heard off named Carli Bybel. Clicking on the video I started to watch this girl sat there doing her makeup on camera, I didn’t know this was a thing. I thought she was the only one out there teaching people for free on Youtube, until I ventured deeper. It was around the time she would do these beautiful bright eyeshadow looks and match the colours with a big pair of earrings. I was hooked, I watched about 5 of her videos one after the other, I immediately knew I needed the products she used. So I went online to BH Cosmetics and ordered the galaxy palette. I paid an arm and a leg for shipping and taxes in the end but I didn’t care. I settled down, loaded up the video and started off copying. I was so disappointed when my makeup didn’t look exactly like hers. So I started watching her videos everyday and then started to find other Youtubers and watching them too. It ignited my desire to become a makeup artist but I could only dream of being as good as them at makeup and doing what they do! I didn’t realise that it could all become a reality one day.

4 years on and I have started my blog and social media accounts, I’m not on Youtube (yet) but I’m so happy I finally took the leap. It was confidence that was holding me back. I didn’t think I was pretty enough, good enough at makeup, had enough makeup to use. So I spent 3 years just watching people on Youtube and wishing I could be like them. Over those 3 years I developed a pretty hefty makeup collection and developed my skills massively. Finally, at the beginning of 2017 I had the courage to start my blog, I spent so many hours developing it to how I wanted (I even started from scratch a couple of times). Now, I balance working full time, maintaining a social life and hobbies and blogging – I’ve outdone myself in my eyes.


My Decision

I’ve always enjoyed looking at makeup looks, buying makeup, playing with makeup, reading about makeup and everything else you can possibly do, related to makeup. Until a couple of years ago I had never done makeup on anyone else, I had always loved the idea of being a makeup artist but again, confidence held me back. My cousin who knew I loved makeup asked me to do her makeup for a night out, I was excited but nervous. I packed all my makeup up and took it to her house, everything was going fine until I hit a couple of bumps in the road. I had never had do to these things on anyone but myself before and it was a complete different game applying it on somebody else. After fumbling to finish the makeup look, she said she liked it. But the voice in my head told me ‘that’s not good enough’ and it wasn’t motivational. Whenever you do anything for the first time your frame of mind should be to do it, note what you found easy and what you could improve on. Take that away and develop your skills, don’t be put off because you wasn’t amazing the first time. However, back then I didn’t think like this, I just thought I couldn’t do it, it wasn’t for me.

Finally, I have made the decision to start my journey to becoming a makeup artist. It’s an exciting decision and I’m glad I have finally made it. I love all things makeup, so if I can do makeup on other people as well as myself I will always be happy. I’ve spent hours over the past couple of weeks researching people’s journeys into becoming a makeup artist and developing their skills. The more traditional route is enrolling onto a course to gain a qualification, and the other, self taught. Self-taught makeup artists are way more popular now than ever. I think social media has contributed to this massively.

Qualification or Experience?

I’m a big believer in practicing your skills, but when I say practicing I mean like 1000 times, just keep doing it, over and over again. There’s always room to learn and whilst attending a training course might give me some new skills techniques but I believe my money could be better spent on buying products to practice with. I have been doing some research and there are so many talented artists out there who got to where they are just by practicing, most of them now offering training courses or 1-2-1’s. I seem to be leaning more towards buying a kit and just getting as much experience as I can, practicing on friends/ family (basically anyone who will let me) and developing myself.


Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist Kit

The same with starting any business you have start up costs. For a makeup artist this mainly consists of the kit. I started writing a list of every product I would need in order to cater for different

skin types, tones and looks requested. The total…£700! This is a lot of money, however I read some articles of people claiming you need £2,000 to start up a good makeup kit, I don’t believe this is true at all. Yes there are some essentials you will need but a little bit of imagination and mixing and you’re good to go. As I understand will be the case for most people, £700 is a lot of money to spend in one go, so I will be building my kit up over the coming months. I will write up a blog post containing everything I will be including in my freelance makeup kit, hopefully this will help any of you who would like to become a makeup artist too.


If you have any tips/ ideas on how to start freelancing or kit ideas or even if you’ve done it yourself and just have some advice, please leave a comment below!

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