Morphe Palette – Copper Spice x Bronzed Mocha Review

Morphe Palette – Copper Spice x Bronzed Mocha Review

Morphe. We’ve all heard of them, most of us have tried their products and they are slaying the makeup game. I remember seeing a video not too long back on someone’s opinion that ‘Morphe is tired and they’re sick of seeing them’ I had to stop the video there. I completely disagree. If you’re looking for a palette with every warm shade possible, they have it. If you’re looking for a palette with every cool shade possible, they have it. And it costs the same as one single eyeshadow from MAC – how can anyone complain? I have three Morphe palette already but I just bought these two so I thought why not write a review. Morphe Palette

“A beauty brand created for the creators. For the dreamers. For those looking for killer makeup without killing their wallet”



Copper Spice

This palette has everything you need to create a warm eye look. It has transition shades, lid shades, crease shades, darker shades, just everything. It even has some foil shades which is perfect coming into the festive season. It has a mix of deep browns and spiced shades with metallic and shimmering taupes. The thing I love the most about this palette is you can create everything from a a natural to a dramatic eye look. You get 25 shades in this palette and I will use every single one of them, which is a rare find in a palette. This palette cost £15 from Beauty Bay, it was on sale at the time but even when it isn’t, you cannot complain at the price of £19.00. Here.


Bronzed Mocha

I have been using this palette every day. It has a beautiful crease shade in it that I just can’t pull myself away from. I used this palette recently on a client and it turned out amazing. The shimmer shades are perfect for an inner corner highlight or a spotlight on the center of the lid. I’ll be posting some more looks using this palette on my Instagram over the coming weeks. This palette again was only £15 on sale but only £19 full price. Here

Beauty Bay

I’ve ordered a few things now from Beauty Bay and I just love their site. My first experience wasn’t great as I ordered a palette as a gift and it never showed. They gave me a refund after around 2 weeks, however they did have a huge promotion on that week so I completely understand the timing issue. All of my orders after this have arrived on time, securely packaged and have exceeded expectations. They really are a brilliant site for getting american brands without the shipping and custom fees.





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