Tay Madden UK – Home Fragrance

Tay Madden UK – Home Fragrance

What’s your favourite perfume? Do you have one that’s your ride or die? Or do you drift away but always come back to it? Imagine if you could take your favourite scent and have it as a home fragrance in the form of a candle or room spray. Now you can, with Tay Madden. Tay Madden provides home fragrance products infused with your favourite scent to move you away from the same old ‘vanilla’ or ‘berry’ scent.


I have tried out three products from their home fragrance range; wax  melts, reed diffuser and a room spray. I can’t fault any one of them. They all smell exactly like each perfume they’re supposed to (the reason I say it like that is because I’ve tried some products that claim the same and they haven’t smelled anything like them!). All of the products are beautifully packaged making them perfect for gifts. The list of fragrances able to bring your home to life include Armani Si, Boss Orange, Daisy, Black Opium, Alien, Spice Bomb, Invictous and so many more amazing scents.

Reed Diffuser

The reed diffuser I tried out was Thierry Mugler’s Alien Scent. Oh my goodness, it smells incredible. One of my friends has always worn alien, literally for like the past 10 years so it reminds me of her whenever I smell it. The diffuser comes in a beautifully packaged gold box with black reeds and a sleek black label that makes it perfect to have on show in your home. It’s always advised to swap the reeds around every so often on these diffusers to ensure maximum effect, however I haven’t needed to do that with these yet. You can purchase these on Etsy – here!


Room Spray

My favourite perfume is Armani Si and this room spray is exactly that. It’s beautiful and it lasts hours! I sprayed this in my room in the evening, the next morning I woke up and could still smell it! I was so shocked, I thought someone had been spraying my perfume whilst I was asleep. It comes in a silver bottle with a black spray lid, again, perfect for displaying in your home.

Wax Melts

The wax melt I’ve been using is Tom Ford’s black orchid. This melt can be broken up into four pieces and placed on top of a burner. I’ve had a quarter of mine burning for hours now and it’s still not even half used up. It’s definitely the most lasting home fragrance melt I’ve ever used. (Sorry Yankee!)

Tay Madden UK products are available to order now, simply use the link below or find them on Instagram – here!

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