Concealer Review – Best and worst

Concealer Review – Best and worst

I’ve recently finished off a few concealers I’ve had lying around in my draws for months. I wanted to start my collection again to encourage me to try out some new products. So I’ve finished off (most) of these and thought a best and worst concealer review would be helpful. I think you’ll be surprised as to which I rate as my worst purchase.

When choosing a concealer I look for something bright with yellow undertones, it’s something I find suits me better. I generally don’t spend a lot on concealers as I’ve purchased some really expensive ones in the past and always been dissapointed. The best brands I’ve come across up to now are Maybelline, Colourpop and Nyx all of which are high street brands and I have little to complain about.

Best – NYX Gotcha Concealer

Why not start with the good stuff? This is a relatively new purchase but I am blown away by it. The texture when applied is something I haven’t experienced before. It almost applies wet to the skin, which weirded me out at first but topped with a setting powder it left my undereye bright and creaseless. The ultimate test for this was when I applied it at 10pm and it stayed with me right through til 5.30am (it’s not often I party that hard) but the concealer stood the test of a wild night out, so in my book that puts it to the top of the list.

NYX Gotcha covered concealer

2nd place – Maybelline Fit Me

I’ve purchased the Maybelline fit me concealer at least 4 times now. The colour range is small but it works for me so I can’t complain. It glides on bright and blends well, I even use this for priming me eyes before applying shadow. However, the reason this fell into second place is because a little does not go a long way. I feel like I have to apply twice the product I do as when using the NYX concealer. Although, for £5.99 I don’t mind having to more of these, a NARS radiant creamy concealer costs 4 times as much as that. I top this concealer off with the maybelline matte powder and they work a dream together.

Fit me concealer

3rd place – NYX HD Concealer

I don’t hate this concealer, but I don’t love it either. There’s a wide shade selection and it’s easy on the purse. However, the texture is something I just can’t work with. It does blend out easily but I feel like it’s an odd texture to have under my eyes and it creases. I have used this for a no make-up make-up look in the past and it’s worked really well in very small quantities but I’m all about that under eye highlight so it isn’t the best fit for me.

NYX HD concealer

Worst – NARS radiant creamy concealer

This might shock you, it shocked me. But I hate this concealer. I just can’t get down with it. I don’t think it’s creamy at all, it doesn’t apply well and it creases. I was devastated that I excitedly took the plunge buying this concealer considering everyone else on the planet seems to like it. I feel like an outsider. The shade I was matched with at the counter isn’t right for a start but the overall product is just not something I would ever buy again. Especially for the price, I would much rather stick to my fit me or nyx gotcha concealer. As I don’t want to waste my money I use this now as an eyeshadow primer, it definitely works for that. But I would never dream of spending that amount of money for an eyeshadow primer.

NARS creamy concealer

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