Planning & Editing Instagram Photos

Planning & Editing Instagram Photos

Looking through the likes of Natalie Halcro’s Instagram – here! and seeing a sea of consistently beautiful photos all falling in line with a theme is enough to make you want to change up your own every week. There are so many variations of style you can adopt to your feed to make it eye catching and unique. The dominating trend on Instagram at the moment is bright white, minimal photos, sometimes varying with pops of colour. It’s appealing to look at and demands attention. I am still experimenting with how I would like my feed to look, to see what I like the most and what my followers want to see. In this post I’ll show you how I edit my photos and use an amazing app that helps me plan how my feed will look before I post.

Photo Positioning Styles



The flatlay look seems to be the winner at the moment. Creating stunning photos by collecting products and arranging them in an arty way. More usually the products are placed on a light background in order to make them pop. This kind of photo can be really useful for sharing MOTD, beauty collections or a haul. I’ve posted one of my favourite flatlay photos from an account I follow on Instagram. Click on any of the pictures to be directed straight to their page.



It is just a case of playing around with positions and lighting to see what works best for your page and the products you’re using. Remember to make all your products in the photo relevant to what you’re writing about. It’s no use talking about lipstick if you’re posting a picture of handbag and a purse.



The swatch game has just been moved to a level beyond what we could’ve expected. If you’re great at drawing you’ll have an advantage as you can be so creative with any swatches you’re posting. I’ve seen liquid lipsticks be swatched on an arm in the shape of love hearts, circles, zig zags, birds, stars. You could literally do anything. It’s popular to have the packaging or palette in the background when showing swatches to display the exact product you’re swatching. Below is my favourite recent swatch photo. Click on the picture to be directed straight to their page.


Products photos can be as simple or adventurous as you like. I personally tend to stick to only ensuring you can see the product and labelling and it’s a true representation of the product. You don’t need much to take a photo of a product, you can just use your phone and some natural light to get stunning photos. You don’t just need to display one product in your photos either you could be posting a makeup of the day, new collection or a haul. Whatever you’re posting try and make it fun and creative. I’ve posted one of my recent favourite product photos below.




I actually really enjoy editing instagram photos, it’s good to play around with different tools and try out different looks each time. There used to be a bit of stigma against editing photos and I’m not quite sure why. The best photographers in the world edit their photos where they need it, it’s all about making your photo appealing to the eye. When I am edit my photos for Instagram I usually start with factune. FaceTune is a brilliant app where you can editing everything from lighting and add filters to smoothing and whitening. 99% of the bright white photos you see on instagram will be edited to look that way, unfortunately it’s not common to get that lighting when taking a photo. See the photo below for a before and after of a recent photo I posted to instagram, Whilst the original photo is based on a white background it’s not as eye catching as the second one. I’m going to explain exactly how I get that look.

before and after




Factune has a filter feature that let’s you add filters or edit the lighting of a photo. Go to filters > lighting and you will see 3 options together, they are my most used, lighten, brighten, expose. Select the lighter tool and you will notice all of the whites in your photo will increase. There is a wipe tool you can use if you don’t want something in the photo to lighten, for example a pop of pink, it can turn too light using this tool so you can exclude it. Facetune has a range of tools you can utilise for editing instagram photos, have a play around and see what works for you.


Planoly is your friend. Your best friend when it comes to planning your instagram photos. Whether you have a theme or not it’s always good to see how your photos will look next to one another and how they fit into your feed. You upload your photos and you can move them around to an arrangement that you like best. Since using this app I’ve become more aware of my posts and making sure I don’t post too many product photos one after the other or too many pictures of one makeup look. It’s helped me a lot when editing my photos too because sometimes you can spend so long editing a photo you can’t see it anymore. Until you line your images up next to each other you can’t really check it fits in with your theme.



It automatically updates the feed when you post a new photo to instagram, they also have a photo scheduling tool but I prefer to push images out myself to make sure everything goes to plan. The app is free to download!


Your instagram theme and feed should be personal to you. Although I would love my feed to change every week, that’s only because I get caught up in trends and think I have to follow it. But you need to be true to yourself and trust what you feel when it comes to editing instagram photos. There are no rights or wrongs here. Although this post is all about editing and planning your theme could be unedited un-planned photos. It really is up to you!

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