P.Louise Base Review -The Rumour

P.Louise Base Review -The Rumour

It’s the eye makeup base that’s got Nikkie Tutorials gasping and iluvsarahii obsessing so I ordered one just so I can see if the product lives up to the hype. This is the P.Louise Base in shade the rumour. Created by makeup artist and salon owner Paige Louise her motivation for developing the product was after learning that her favourite MAC concealer she used as a base was being discontinued. The P.Louise base has very similar qualities to the MAC select cover up concealer but some noticeable differences in the formula.

P.Louise launched initially with one shade ‘the rumour’ but has since launched a range of shades to suit all skin tones. The product came and was smaller than I had imagined, I think some products just look bigger in pictures and initially I was disappointed as I thought I would go through it in no time, but I was wrong, I’ve been using this for the past 2 months and I’m about half way through it. One thing I was disappointed in however (and I believe this must have just been a dud one) is my tube came and was only about three quarters full, most of the tube felt like air, I noticed when squeezing the tube to get my first bit of product out and a lot of air came out (imagine when you’ve got a tube of toothpaste and you’ve used all the top bit and have to push the product from the bottom) but I researched other people’s reviews on the product and nobody else reported the same problem, it’s understandable that things like this do happen during manufacturing and I didn’t let it taint my view of the product itself.

The product itself goes a really long way, less than a pea sized amount easily covers the whole eye area and have enough left over to cut the crease which is impressive. The base was designed not to be set on the eye, which I think some people struggled with considering setting concealer with power on your eyes has always been the norm. Plouise suggests applying the base in a tapping motion and patting the product down until it is just tacky and it works a treat. Eyeshadows seem to pop when I use this and I’ve noticed a lot less creasing after using this product. Larger sizes of the P.Louise Base have now been released along with an eyeshadow palette and pigments. I would say it’s most definitely worth the £10 you pay for this product! You can purchase this product here. 

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