Uber Sonic – Electric Toothbrush Review

Uber Sonic – Electric Toothbrush Review

I’ve always been a manual toothbrush kind of gal, just because I’ve always felt a little sceptical about electric toothbrushes and how good they really are for your teeth. Also, the price….I mean £200 for a toothbrush just seems mental to me. I started shopping around for one a few months ago after some advice from a friend who said electric toothbrushes changed their game. However, I didn’t want to spend a lot.

Finally, an electric toothbrush that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The Uber Sonic toothbrush. I mean, can we just start with how pretty it is first of all? It looks so nice in my bathroom now, it’s almost like a decoration. Which is probably why it’s an award winning design. I love that the brush head is small, it really helps to get into all the hard to reach places in your mouth.

 One thing I thought might be a concern with an electric toothbrush is the charging, but I’ve used this twice a day now for a week and not had to put it on charge yet. It also has a really cool feature of a timer to ensure you’re brushing for the right amount of time. It alerts you once you need to move onto the next quadrant of your mouth. I always wonder if I’m brushing for the right amount of time so this is really helpful to me.

 This toothbrush costs only £19.00, I couldn’t believe it personally. Why are so many companies charging 10 times that amount for the same product? And if that wasn’t good enough it comes with a teeth whitening kit and free delivery. Uber Sonic really have got the right idea with this product and all the perks that come with it. You pay £19 for the brush and whitening kit and then they offer replacement brush heads every other month delivered for £9.00 (this is optional and can be cancelled at any time). Usually with a price tag this low you would expect at least one aspect of the product to be lower in quality but the box it comes in is a sleek, smooth design and everything you receive in the box has clearly been well designed and thought out, right down to the manual and a travel cap to protect the brush head.

 I really can’t imagine going back to using a manual toothbrush after using this and I would never look anywhere else to purchase another one. I only ever ask for a few things from products like this and they are reasonably priced, good quality and good customer care, all of which this a definite for Uber Sonic. 


 Beautiful design

Amazing price

High quality packaging


Free shipping


You can purchase one of these amazing toothbrushes here https://ubersonic.co.uk/



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