Drug Store Myths – My L’oreal Favourites

Drug Store Myths – My L’oreal Favourites

My first L’oreal product I ever had was a bronzer, I purchased it when I was around 13/14 and I had no idea what to do with it. I used a big kabuki brush to smother it all over my face and I just looked totally orange!! However, as my makeup knowledge has grown so has my love for this brand. As a make-up artist, there’s some stigma surrounding using ‘drug store’ brands on clients as for some reason people think ‘expensive’ makeup is better, which if you’ve tried as much makeup as I have, you know is a total myth! So I thought I would share with you some of my L’oreal Favourites.

I was sent this product by accident in place of another L’oreal product I ordered. I had arranged to give it back but I decided it could be a sign I was supposed to give it a go. This liquid bronzer is perfect for this summer heatwave and I use it in two ways. One, all over my face to give myself an even sun kissed glow before I apply makeup and two, for a soft contour on days where makeup melts off of your face. It’s also universal and can be built on once applied.

The next product I have been using for around a year is the infallible setting spray. It took me ages to find a setting spray that actually works and is mattifying rather than leaving a sheen on the face which I have had with some others I tried out. I have no problem with my makeup throughout the day with this on and it instantly mattifies whilst at the same time keeping dewiness in all the right areas. Tip: ensure you shake the product well before spraying!!

L’oreal provides consistent top of the class products in my eyes and through trial and error I have learned that sometimes you are better off taking full advantage of the 3 for 2 offers they regularly have on getting 3 products for the price of what 1 product would cost you from a high-end brand. There’s no shade for high-end brands here by the way, I still love my Chanel universal bronzer, but I wanted to show some praise for my current favourite L’oreal products.


And last, but most certainly not least. This has been top of my list on my L’oreal favourites and I’m onto my third one now. The paradise lash mascara. Previous to this I was using their telescopic mascara, a firm favourite of Carli Bybel’s, however I found it was bleeding onto my undereye throughout the day so I decided to mix it up. The brush is neither thick nor thin and curls the lashes to a long and non-clumpy length (not sure that is proper English but I think it gives you a good idea!).

All three of these products can be purchased on offer for the price of what one of these would cost you from a high-end brand and the quality is no less. I plan on using brands such as L’oreal in my makeup kit to prove that the stigma against not using £50 foundations on clients is ridiculous! When I have finished my clients makeup they want to look in the mirror and enjoy the look of the makeup they don’t care about the price tag on their face!



You can find all of the products here

Bonjour Liquid Bronzer

Infallible Spray

Paradise Mascara


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