Why I decided to stop blogging in 2018

Why I decided to stop blogging in 2018

When I made the decision to start blogging I was filled with excitement, nerves and hope that what I was starting would become something. I quickly learned that patience, awareness and passion were in fact some of the key aspects to being a blogger. If you’re waiting to hit that 10 or even 100k mark on your Instagram or reach a 1,000,000 hits on your blog until you see yourself as successful then you will most certainly not enjoy the experience.

If your goal is to become a blogger then all you need to do is write a blog post put it out there and you’re a blogger, it’s as simple as that. But what people actually mean when they say they want to become a blogger is defined in their minds by something totally different whether it be hitting social media targets, blog visits, receiving free products or getting paid for posts and all of those are totally fine goals to have but the important thing is being aware of them. I wasn’t aware of mine when I started out and the more I focused on things like hitting follower targets or number of visits per month the less motivated I felt to write.

My last blog post was September 2018 and I wrote this because I received some products to review but after that I completely lost touch with my passion for blogging and decided not to focus on it anymore. A lot of my friends and family encouraged me to start it up again as it was going so well and I enjoyed it but I convinced myself I didn’t have the time or that I didn’t enjoy it anymore, both of which were categorically untrue. What it actually was, was me getting disheartened at my progress and comparing myself to others way too much.

Fast forward 6 months and I realise that I miss blogging. I used to love the process of taking photos, editing them, writing a post and promoting it on my social media. I’ve been wanting to get back to it for a while but my mind kept telling me that I was just too busy. However, I wouldn’t say binge watching You on Netflix counts as busy, would you?

So it’s 2019, most people make fresh starts at the beginning of the year so I decided to get in line and start blogging again. I was amazed to see that the traffic to my site has been steady the last few months and I’m still getting hits on previous posts, even though I stopped posting socially ages ago. I’m excited for the year ahead and where it might take me. I hope you’ll come back and take a look at my new posts!

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